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Delightful Local Food Products

Lola's is proud to offer a range of wonderful regional and local food products. You're sure to love our seasonal, curated items. This season we're carrying:

Jason Warren's Grin Hola Granola, which is a customer favorite.

  • Beezcotti made by Trill Foods in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Creamy cashew coconut butter made by Sophia, a nutritionist in Rhode Island.
  • Incredible maple syrups from Vermont; including a smoked syrup, a syrup flavored with ghost peppers, and a syrup made with barrel-aged bourbon.
  • Lorna's Cape Code chai spice mix; we also pour it iced at our soda fountain.
  • Wellfleet seat salt and Kiklos extra virgin Greek olive oil; these pair well with Lola's shrubs and vinegars or Ron Surrey's local honey.
  • Caramels made by Alyssa, including sea salt, dark chocolate chipotle, and premium vegan coconut varieties.

Spice Rubs

Ours are inspired, handcrafted spice blends made to evoke taste memories of the delicious beauty of a Cape Cod summer. These rubs conjure up memories of barbeques, bonfires, and beach days. We use spices from our own herb gardens, as well as air-dried and dehydrated ingredients from H&H farm and a variety of local growers. We use organic ingredients as much as possible, and we love working with local vendors such as Chequessett Chocolate, who supplies cacao nibs for our Chequessett char blend. Atlantic Spice supplies some of our other ingredients.

Use this product as a dry rub or mix it with fruit or vegetable juices, healthy oils, or spirits to create a spice paste. Add as a condiment on greens or vegetables, including corn on the cob, or sprinkle over popcorn and roasted nuts. You can even use our rubs in stews, sauces, or to make a salad dressing.

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