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When it comes to food, love is the greatest ingredient of all. At Lola's of Wellfleet, Massachusetts, we love our work and it shows in the quality of our products. As a local food company, we offer small batch vinegars and hand-blended spice rubs using responsibly and locally sourced ingredients. Our shrub drinking vinegars are perfect for adults who want to make their own handcrafted cocktails. You can add them to sparkling water, tea, lemonade, or even champagne to create a delicious, refreshing beverage. In addition to our vinegars and rubs, we offer a variety of amazing regional and local food products.

Following the lead of our owner, Kim Shkapich, we cook with the seasons, creating ethical and artisanal foods with no additives or preservatives. We've put 3 decades of experience to work developing unforgettable recipes. Don't wait any longer to try our exceptional products; visit our store today.

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